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  • “Singapore, GCC, Need to Nurture Historical Ties,” The Business Times, 5 September 2013. Available here.
  • “Letter from Abu Dhabi: Are the Gulf States Immune to ‘Regional Challenges’?”  Middle East Insights (Singapore), October 8, 2012. Available here.
  • “Obama vs. Romney on the Middle East,” Al-Jazeera English, September 17, 2012. Co-authored with Rana B. Khoury. Available here; also in Middle East Insights, September 18, 2012, here.
  • “Leadership Deficit on Both Sides Prolongs the Unfinished Uprisings,” Al-Jazeera English, May 8, 2012. Available here.
  • “Awakening, Cataclysm, or Just a Series of Events? Reflections on the Wave of Protest in the Arab World,” Jadaliyya, May 16, 2011. Available here.
  • “The Osama Drama: Is the Play Over?” Middle East Insights, May 4, 2011. Available here; also on Al-Jazeera English, May 7, 2011, here.
  • “Rescue the Revolution,” Foreign Policy: Middle East Channel, April 6, 2011. Available here; also in Middle East Insights, April 7, 2011, here.
  • “The Crackdown in Bahrain: Notes from the Field,” Al-Jazeera English, March 21, 2011. Available here.
  • “As the U.S. Considers Intervention in Libya, It Should Look to History,” Foreign Policy: Middle East Channel, March 10, 2011. Available here; also in Middle East Insights, March 11, 2011, here.
  • “Why It Matters to Asia: Much at Stake in Arab Crisis,” Straits Times (Singapore), February 26, 2011. Co-authored with Rana B. Khoury and Mary E. Stonaker. Also in Jadaliyya as “Oil Supply Disruption Causes a Threat to Asian Economies,” March 1, 2011, here; also posted in Middle East Insights, here.
  • “Bahrain Then and Now: Reflections on the Future of the Arab Monarchies,” Middle East Insights, February 23, 2011. Available here. Also in Jadaliyya, February 25, 2011, here.
  • “Egypt on the Brink: The Arab World at a Tipping Point?” Middle East Insights, February 2, 2011. Available here. Also published in The Straits Times, February, 2011; also in Jadaliyya, February 1, 2011, here.
  • “Re-legitimizing the Palestinian Leadership: Is it Possible and If So, How?” Middle East Insights, January 28, 2011. Available here; also in Al Jazeera English, here.
  • “Ghassan Tueni: Conscience of Arab Journalism”, Al-Jazirah (Riyadh, Saudi Arabia), January 2008.
  • “When a Dome is Worth a Thousand Lives,” The Washington Post (Outlook Section), February 26, 2006, p. 2. Available (via GRC) here.
  • “Losing the War for Hearts and Minds in the Middle East,” The Daily Star (Beirut), January 22, 2005, (1,750 words). Online here.
  • “Reformists Risk Backlash from Association with U.S.,” The Daily Star (Beirut), January 6, 2005, (1,650 words). Online here.
  • “A Closer Look at Bush’s Plans for the Region,” The Daily Star (Beirut), January 5, 2005,  (1,660 words). Online here.
  • “Can Middle East Political Reform Survive the American Embrace?” CCAS News, October 2004.
  • “US-European Rift is More Than Temporary,” The Daily Star (Beirut), April 8, 2004. Online here.
  • “Washington’s Neoconservatives Face the Challenge of Transforming Dreams into Realities,” The Daily Star (Beirut), April 7, 2004. Online here.
  • “The Greater Middle East is the Testing Ground for the New American Project,” The Daily Star (Beirut), April 6, 2004. Online here.
  • “Pax Americana and the Neoconservatives,” Gulf News (Dubai), January 30, 2004.
  • “Washington’s Other War,” Gulf News (Dubai), ca. July 4, 2003.
  • “Democracy in the Arab World: Obstacles and Imperatives,” The Daily Star (Beirut), April 24, 2003.
  • “Washington is at war on too many fronts in distant land,” Gulf News (Dubai), April 7, 2003. Online here.
  • “Arabs and Muslims in America Face an Uncertain Future,” Al-Mustaqbal (Beirut), September 19, 2001.
  • “Arab-Americans Becoming More Organized,” Al-Mustaqbal (Beirut), 19 November 2000.
  • “Societally Rooted Arab Identity is Appearing from the Atlantic Ocean to the Gulf,” Al-Mustaqbal (Beirut), November 6, 1999.
  • “The Arab World On-Line: Monitoring the Information Revolution in the Arab World,” CCAS News, March 1997.
  • “New Challenges to American Policy in the Middle East,” Al-Hayat (in Arabic), November 24, 1995.
  • “Notes From a Yemen Diary,” [“awraq min daftar yawmiyyat yamaniyya”]. Al-Hayat (in Arabic), June 13, 1994, p. 15.
  • “Jerusalem: Bush Returns the Spotlight to an Unsettled Issue.” International Herald Tribune, op-ed page, April 3, 1990.
  • “How Ronald Reagan Could Yet Win An Oscar.” Middle East International (London), op-ed page, May 27, 1983.
  • “Bahrain, the Gulf’s ‘Guinea-Pig Society’.” The New York Times, 1 November 1979.”

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